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By David Hatcher Childress

This was once a good publication. There definitely are strength Grids on the earth, yet I query the various author's critiques on them. One article particularly that I felt was once lovely sturdy is, "Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes", despite the fact that, I do have a feedback of the author.

Dr. Richard LeFors Clark wrote, "Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes", that's during this publication. it really is a fascinating article, however the key issues he makes, akin to the truth that the North and South poles of magnetism opposite their polarity within the Bloch Wall (at the precise heart of the magnet) in a damaged determine 8 development, that every magnetic pole has the other vortex spin (North pole spins counterclockwise, South pole spins clockwise), and several other of the diagrams he makes use of have been all first found through Albert Roy Davis, but Clark does not even point out Davis within the article. that exact info, and the diagrams have been taken from, "Magnetism and Its results at the residing System", written via Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. Clark's article is additionally pointed out quite a few instances in, "The Divine Cosmos", by way of David Wilcock, yet back, there isn't a notice approximately Albert Roy Davis, the scientist who really made these progressive breakthroughs.

To quote Davis and Rawls of their first e-book, "Gravity is a kind of electromagnetic and actual magnetic results." In different phrases gravity is the results of electromagnetic/magnetic power, it isn't a separate shape or strength of strength. understanding this, we will be able to see that anti-gravity is really attainable. In describing the heart of the damaged determine 8 within the Bloch Wall, Davis and Rawls wrote, "This is the heart of the one hundred eighty measure section swap. This line indicated by means of the letter O additional exhibits that we've got no magnetic strains of strength that hold both the damaging or confident pole impression at this place. as an alternative, we have now a department or 0 element of strength radiation."

There are a few articles during this publication that i'm no longer susceptible to take at face worth, yet others are worthy considering. The books through Davis and Rawls even though, are crucial studying in case you wish to have a correct realizing of the rules of magnetism/gravity. And their discoveries on how North pole magnetic fields have an effect on animals/humans are much more fascinating.

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The root in armillary sphere-.. " 7. Donald Cyr. editor of Stonehengc Viewpoint, and his fiend Lawrence W. Smith have championed and greatly expanded the ideas of Isaac N. Vail since their high school days in the 1930s. As an archaeoastronomer. Cyr's notion is that much can be gained in understanding past civilizations if we do not make the uniformitarian assumption that things (such as climate) have always been roughly as they are now. The Vail/Cyr "Canopy Theory' supposes that during the Megalithic period, a layer of ice crystals formed over the earth at a height of about fifty miles.

Such a collision would convert about a thousandth part of the rest-energy of the black holes into gravity waves. (Photo: L. Smarr and K. Eppley) A Renaissance magical sigil showing various levels of power. From Nigel Pennick's book Sacred Geometry (1980) Sound frequencies in this experiment cause random particles to assume geometric patterns. From Robert Lawlor's Sacred Geometry (1982) THE EARTH GRID, HUMAN LEVITATION AND GRAVITY ANOMALIES Knowledge of the Earth Grid or "crystalline Earth" is very ancient and has been utilized by a number of civilizations.

Scotland. In our long, enjoyable correspondence with Mr. Davie, we have found him to be a gifted scholar of ancient languages and cultures, a keen observer of coincidence. (See illustration #24) It may even have charted the cycle of transcontinental festivals in much the same way that the Australian aborigines are able to coordinate huge religious gatherings with (seemingly) no deliberate planning. The "bureaucracy" is maintained only in the flow of time through lines of kinship, lines of sight, and sacred lines of the tchuringa.

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