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The central mati f of Indo-European ideology is the conception that "the world and society can live only through the harmonious collaboration of the three stratified functions of sovereignty. force, and fecundi ty ... ensive reanalysis as part of their project to determine how archaic Indo-European themes converge and di verge in the Indi an. Roman. Scandinavian, Celtic. and Germanic traditions. 57 For pa~~avas. the Mbh. • Dharma. Indra. Vayu. and the twin A~vins). duplicate the group of gods in earl y Vedi c mythology who represent the three functi ons of administration sacred.

V i snu 27 . The general p o s i t i o n t h a t n a r r a t i ve and d i d a c t i c p o r t i o n s of t h e Mbh a r e c h r o n o l o g i c a l l y and/or t h e m a t i c a l l y d i s t i n c t has been challenged scholars, as w i l l i n various ways by some contemporary be shown below. Some e p i c scholars do support it, however, as apparently do many o t h e r I n d o l o g i s t s . 3 . A . B. van Buitenen, a major t r a n s l a t o r and in t e r p r e t e r o f t h e Mbh, h e l d a l s o t h a t t h e work c o n s i s t e d o f a central story g r e a t 1y expanded w i t h secondary a c c r e t i o n s .

51 The composite sacred and secular duties of the warrior cl ass regarded as comp1 ementary to the obl i gati ons of pri est1 y (brahman). agriculturalist/trader (vai§ya) , and servant (§Ddra) c1 asses. 50 II • Aga i as i ndi cated ina 1939 art i c 1 e by nst the tide of scho 1 ar 1 y opi n ion. 52 by Hopkins application of methods derived from the study of Homeric epics. and critical The Mbh is not the accidental product of numerous redactions of a poem about warri ors • he argued. but rather.

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