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By Gerald Massey

Along with his previous sequence in Egyptology, Gerald Massey grew to become latest doctrine on its head to argue that not just had Egypt spawned human civilization, yet that Egyptian mythology was once the root for Jewish and Christian ideals. The fruits of his years at this actual highbrow pursuit, historic Egypt: the sunshine of the area is Massey's crown jewel. during this, the main philosophical (in either tone and proposal) of his Egyptological works, Massey, ever the intrepid escort, leads a travel via millions of years of sociological, cultural, and religious improvement, the entire whereas pointing, with incredible cause and persuasive prose, to a far off, universal, Egyptian beginning. British writer GERALD MASSEY (1828-1907) released works of poetry, spiritualism, Shakespearean feedback, and theology, yet his best-known works are within the realm of Egyptology, together with A booklet of the Beginnings and The usual Genesis.

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This was employed as a Moving-Power, often cruel enough to search the heavens for the likeness of a pitying human heart. The ears of dogs were pinched by the Mexican women during an eclipse to make them howl to the Power of Light. Meal-dust is thrown into the eyes of the Sacred Turtle by the Zunis to make it weep. The Australian Diererie solicit the Good Spirit for rain by bleeding two of their Mediums or divinely-inspired men, supposed to be persons of influence with the Moora-Moora or Good Spirits, who will take heed of their sufferings and send down rain.

Modern ignorance of the mythical mode of representation has led to the ascribing of innumerable false beliefs not only to primitive men and present-day savages, but also to the most learned, enlightened, and highly civilized people of antiquity, the Egyptian; for had these natural impossibilities been believed the Egyptians must have shared the same mental confusion, the same manifest delusion concerning nature, the same incapacity for distinguishing one thing from another, as the Pygmy or the Papuan.

The Intichiuma ceremonies of the Arunta Tribes are amongst the most primitive now extant upon the surface of the earth. These are performed as sacred mysteries in various modes of Sign-language, by which the thought, the wish, the want is magically expressed in act instead of, or in addition to, words. The obvious object of these most ancient mysteries of magic is the perennial increase of food, more expressly of the animal or plant that gives its name to the totem of those who perform the particular rites.

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