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By Bil Tierney

This booklet presents a revealing new examine the astrological indicators, from Aries to Pisces. achieve a deeper knowing of ways each one signal motivates you to develop and evolve in realization. How does Aries paintings with Pisces? What does Gemini percentage in universal with Scorpio? all over the Zodiac is the single ebook out there to discover those signal combos to any such measure.

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The ever-wiseCosmos knew that the zodiac still had to include more options to make human life interesting. Hmmm . . how about some brainpower? While all signsoffer us their native intelligence,what Gemini brings to our awarenessis quite unlike what has alreadymanifestedthus far. i t { table energy decides to take a few experimental detours by sharply moving sideways,or diagonally, or in any direction that allows it to view life from different angles. By the time Gemini came onboard, Thurus was alreadybecoming oppressivelypredictable, since it's a sign that rarely ventures off the beaten path (the Bull is seldom ready to face life's unknowns).

Instead we need to loosen up, remain pliable,and forever be willing to try out new ideas,even if for only short periodsof time. SkimmingtheSurface So far, the first three signsof the zodiac seemcomfortable living in the here-and-nowworld. They deal consciouslyin the presentand operate directly on the surfaceof life. Gemini's orientation is a major departure from the strongly instinctual ways in which Aries and Taurus relate to the physical world. It's also the first sign whose image involves human figures,insteadof an animal.

No other sign acceptsthe terms of the material realm as well as Thurus, an archetype very much in harmony with Nature. Earth is the element that dealswith practical, tangible issuesin the here and now. Patient planning plays a role in our successfuloutcomes in life. Nothing unfolds quickly here. It will take a while to capitalizeon our raw talents and to amassresources'but the Thurus factor within us can wait for the tide to roll in-which is something that Aries has great diffrculty doing. This earth sign'smain objective is to stabilize conditions by carefully building, brick by brick, frameworks of security that will prove everlasting (although life upsets even the best-laid plans, now and It has then).

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