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By MacLane S., G. Birkhoff

This ebook goals to offer sleek algebra from first ideas, so that it will be
accessible to undergraduates or graduates, and this via combining ordinary
materials and the wanted algebraic manipulations with the final strategies
which make clear their that means and value.

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10) S1 = − log |S0′ | = − log(V ). 2 4 Therefore, to O(ε), the solution must be a linear combination of the two obtained above R √ R √ 1 x 1 x V (y) dy V (y) dy u(x) ∼ A1 V (x)−1/4 e ε + A2 V (x)−1/4 e− ε . 11). 12) uε (x, 0) = A(x)eiS(x)/ε . 14) where Aε (x, t) ∼ A0 (x, t) + εA1 (x, t) + · · · . 12), we obtain the leading and next order equations 1 ∂t S + |∇S|2 + V (x) = 0, 2 1 ∂t A0 + ∇S · ∇A0 + A0 ∆S = 0. 3. 17) where H(x, p) = |p|2 /2+V (x). The second equation is a transport equation for the leading order behavior of the amplitude function A0 .

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