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Not until 1978, as Solzhenitsyn—by then living in Vermont—put together his first, twenty-volume Collected Works, did he return In the First Circle to its authentic form of ninety-six chapters, each of which was refined to take on an aesthetic unity of its own. In the version now reaching us, nine chapters are entirely new to English-language readers, and a dozen more are substantially altered. It is a testament to Solzhenitsyn’s artistic power that an unperfected version of In the First Circle not only received high praise from the start but retained a wide readership through four decades.

Chapter 16 - A Troika of Liars Chapter 17 - Hot Water Chapter 18 - “Oh, Wonder-Working Steed” Chapter 19 - The Birthday Hero Chapter 20 - A Study of a Great Life Chapter 21 - Give Us Back the Death Penalty! Chapter 22 - The Emperor of the Earth Chapter 23 - Language as an Instrument of Production Chapter 24 - The Abyss Beckons Again Chapter 25 - The Church of Nikita the Martyr Chapter 26 - Sawing Wood Chapter 27 - A Bit of Methodology Chapter 28 - The Junior Lieutenant’s Job Chapter 29 - The Lieutenant Colonel’s Job Chapter 30 - A Puzzled Robot Chapter 31 - How to Darn Socks Chapter 32 - On the Path to a Million Chapter 33 - Penalty Marks Chapter 34 - Voiceprints Chapter 35 - Kissing Is Forbidden Chapter 36 - Phonoscopy Chapter 37 - The Silent Alarm Chapter 38 - Be Unfaithful to Me!

It’s poison gas, that Ducat. ” “What are those overalls you’re wearing? ” “It’s a sort of uniform they’ve introduced. ” “Look! ” “What’s the matter with you supermen? Never seen a real live zek before? ” “Well, well! Who’s this I see? Dof-Donskoy!? Where’ve you been all this time, Dof? ” “Never seen such a ragged, unshaven lot. ” “From different camps.  . Dubrovlag. ” “They’re new ones—special camps, they’re called. ” “No, let’s get some exercise! And a breath of fresh air! ” “Second shift! ” “Ozerlag, Luglag, Steplag, Kamyshlag.

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