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Иллюстрированный путеводитель по Аляске. Множество фотографий, иллюстраций и карт как выбрать правильный маршрут. Планы и карты национальных парков Аляски. Огромный выбор отелей и ресторанов город за городом: достопримечательности и праздники. Прогулки, экскурсии и тематические маршруты. Alaska will be approximately divided , into 8 major areas. the most important urban, Anchorage, brings a flavor of city lifestyles to the desolate tract, whereas to the south, the Kenai Peninsula deals a variety of outdoors actions. Prince William Sound, a magnificent bay at the south coast, beneficial properties outstanding surroundings and wildlife-viewing. Southeast Alaska, an archipelago of lovely islands, boasts the country capital Juneau, and a bunch of captivating cities. The immense inside, bisected by way of the Alaska diversity, comprises Fairbanks, the states moment urban, and Alaskas part of the Klondike goldfields. Southwest Alaska combines stark volcanic landscapes with positive fishing grounds, whereas Arctic and Western Alaska is a pristine desert. under is an summary of every of those different areas.

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To discourage British interest in the region, merchant and head of the Russian-American Company, Grigory Shelikov, established the first permanent Russian community at Three Saints Bay on Kodiak Island in 1784. Eight years later, he was granted a fur monopoly by Tsarina Catherine II. Over the next decade, both George Vancouver, who had been one of Cook’s lieutenants, and Alejandro Malaspina of Spain, explored the Southeast and the Gulf of Alaska for their respective countries. Despite their efforts, TIMELINE 1725 Bering explores the area east of the Russian mainland 1733 On Bering’s second expedition, Georg Wilhelm Steller conducts nature studies in Alaska Vitus Bering 1781 Grigory Shelikov establishes Russian-American fur trading company 1764 Clashes between Russians and Aleuts 1740 1720 1728 Bering sails through Bering Strait, but does not land in Alaska 1760 1780 1741 Alexei Chirikov reaches 1772 Russian 1784 Shelikov Prince of Wales Island; Bering dies on Bering Island in the Komandorski Islands settlement established at Unalaska sets up a town on Kodiak Island T H E H I S T O R Y O F A L A S K A 51 Russian influence in the region.

Transport and communication routes were set up as a result of the Klondike Gold Rush. Telegraph lines were laid and the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad was built in 1898 to link Skagway with the Klondike, opening up the Interior to the outside world. $! 3+! #)&)# /#%!. 3KAGWAY P *UNEAU 0RINCE 2UPERT P KEY Gold Rush territory 1867–1905 Key routes to gold mining areas Gold pans were used to separate river gravel and alluvial gold. carried the gravel that contained gold. Streams Steamships were used by people who had the means to sail up the Yukon River to the goldfields.

THE SLED TEAM For mushers, dogsledding is as much an art form as a sport. In the harsh winter wilderness, the close interplay of human and dog is symbiotic: for the musher, the dog team is a faithful lifeline in an exposed environment, while for the dogs, the musher is a trusted companion who supplies sustenance. The dogs are directed not by reins, but by the musher’s spoken commands to the lead dogs, who guide the others accordingly. SLED DOGS Malemutes, Siberians, Samoyeds, and other purebred huskies are popularly associated with dogsledding, but are rarely used as sled dogs.

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