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Horovitz and I. A. , Jerusalem, 1960), p. 5-6; Mekhilta de-Rashbi, Bo, to Ex. 12:4, ed. J. N. Eptstein and E. Z. Melamed, Mekhilta D'Rabbi Sim'on b. Jochai (Jerusalem, 1955), p. 10, 11. 16-19; and Sifre Zuta, Shelab, ed. H. S. Horovitz, Siphre D'Be Rab 1. , Jerusalem, 1966), p. 288, 1. 20 to p. 289, 1. 1 [which like T. Hag. 1:23, has a cluster of references with the pattern, "Whoever knows how to ... , is liable as Kol she-yode'a le- bayyav le- and "Whoever knows how to . . ,"yode'a le- ... 'alav].

D. , Hayerushalmi kiphshuto, 1 vol. to date (Jerusalem, 1934), pp. , Sources and Traditions,2 vols. to date (Jerusalem, 1968-). " See nn. 23 and 39 and the text thereto. "This would explain how once it no longercirculatedas a gloss onto Mishnah,it mightrequirea question to introduceit, how it could also be appliedto new contexts, and how the change of a prepositionmight yield a change in emphasis. X This paperhas dealt with two recensionsof a y. sugyaand, accordingly, throws light on certainwider issues.

Suk. 2:8 presents a general rule followed by a limitation-definition: Women, and slaves and minors (u-qetannim)are exempt from the [requirementto have a] sukkah. 46 T. Hag. 1:2-3, pp. 5-22, contains eleven distinct definitions of a "minor"tailored to differentlaws and one definitionof "majority" comprehensively formulated. Note the pattern: [If one] knows how to shake (yode'ale-na'ne'a),he is liable as to lulav,; knows how to wrap [arounda garment]he is liableas to fringes..... Knows how to watchover phylacteries,his fatherbringshim phylacteries....

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