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By Allard C. van der Wal, Anton E. Becker (auth.), Ernst E. Van Der Wall, Paul K. Blanksma, Menco G. Niemeyer, Willem Vaalburg, Harry J. G. M. Crijns (eds.)

In Advanced Imaging in Coronary Artery Disease, the function of numerous imaging recommendations in diagnosing atherosclerosis, evaluate of myocardial ischemia, myocardial viability, and center failure are commonly mentioned. the problems derived from cardiac puppy are awarded with regards to the normal innovations, comparable to echocardiography, SPECT and MRI. moreover, more moderen imaging recommendations equivalent to intracoronary ultrasound, electron beam computed tomography, and Raman spectroscopy are given broad consciousness. the results of drug remedy, equivalent to anti-ischemic and lipid-lowering medicinal drugs, also are evaluated.
This booklet will support medical cardiologists, nuclear drugs physicians, fellows in cardiology and nuclear drugs, radiochemists, easy study fellows, and technicians, in figuring out the recent advances in scientific cardiac PET.

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Low serum levels of HDL and high LDL were associated with vulnerable plaques. Smoking did not influence the composition of the plaques with respect to features of vulnerability, but appeared to be highly thrombogenic. Moreover, 69% of deep plaque ruptures reaching into a lipid core were found in man, whereas in a previous study of the same group 42, 69% of superficial erosions was reported in women {in plaques composed of SMC and matrix proteins rather than lipids 11 and macrophages), indicating sex related differences in the type of rupture, and probably also plaque composition.

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