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It’s a “rough” draft. Why was the room chilly while the author wrote the first copy of a new book? ” What did the author call the first [or preliminary] copy of his dog story? a “ruff” draft How is the author’s story coming along? “all write” What will you always get if you ask authors about their work? “write” answers What do authors need to succeed? the “write” stuff What authors make up the scariest stories? “ghost-writers” What did the judge do when sentencing the author for plagiarism? She “threw the book” at him.

The puppet talks. ) See my book Amazingly Easy Puppet Plays for more details about presenting simple puppet skits and making puppets out of socks and mittens. ) Sock puppets with movable arms work for “The Ghost Bridge,” in appendix A. 5). 6 Do It Yourself! How to Make Up Riddles and Keep a Riddle File What would you call a bookcase you have to put together without any help? a do-it-“your-shelf” project C reating riddles isn’t as hard as you might think, and it can amuse you while you’re commuting or performing mundane tasks like washing dishes.

Demonstrate. As hands go up, check cards. Congratulate children who are right. Help those who are wrong or confused. After finding their correct locations, children can help classmates or read quietly. 5. Using the Catalog to Find Books. Model looking up books and writing down their call numbers on scrap paper. Then give each child either an author or title card. They must search the catalog for their title or author before looking for their book’s location, following the procedure above. Remind them not to write on the cards, so you can reuse them.

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