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Marie Curie: A Biography

Marie Curie (1867-1934) was once essentially the most very important lady scientists in heritage, and she or he was once the most influential scientists—man or woman—of the twentieth century. Curie postulated that radiation used to be an atomic estate, a discovery that has resulted in major medical advancements due to the fact. She was once additionally the 1st individual to exploit the time period radioactivity.

Harriet Beecher Stowe (Leaders of the Civil War Era)

Harriet Beecher Stowe grew up in a kin the place the lads have been visible as resources and the women as second-class electorate. the shortcoming of energy for ladies within the 1800s fueled her outrage opposed to slavery, and she or he started to write spiritual periodicals to help her family members. This e-book explores his existence and profession.

Becoming an Engineer in Public Universities: Pathways for Women and Minorities (Palgrave Studies in Urban Education)

In accordance with learn performed in a three-year, mixed-method, multi-site nationwide technology origin, technological know-how, expertise, Engineering and arithmetic expertise enlargement software (STEP) venture, this ebook deals a entire check out how engineering division tradition and weather affects the profitable retention of woman and under-represented minority students.

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I have the real American spirit, which makes me believe myself as good as anybody, and you know my family name is one to buoy up that impression. Therefore, it seems to me I cannot fail to attain some degree of success. I am sure to obtain entrée to people and functions, and I can describe what I see and hear in attractive form. I shall shrink at no task, however difficult, and stop at no obstacle. " This is all interesting and admirable reasoning. But, having seen much of the world, and known much of the various types of young women writers and reporters and correspondents, I feel like discussing the subject of your profession with you.

Now I contend that any woman who accepts less than the full loyalty of the man to whom she gives herself for life has fallen from woman's highest estate. She lowers not only herself, but the whole sex. To take a third of a man's love, and to share his physical and mental and spiritual comradeship with two other wives, is far more immoral, to my thinking, than to take the whole of a man without legal authority. It drags down and belittles woman in the eyes of man. It is useless to contend that such conditions lead to respect.

Wilfred is just the man to protect you and to keep the world at a distance, where it could not affect your life by its comments. He regards your birth in the same light that I do, and would rather transmit your lovely qualities of soul and mind to his descendants than the traits of many proudly born girls who are ready to take him at the first asking: for you must know how popular he is with our sex. I can not believe you are insensible to his magnetic and lovable qualities, but, as you say, you have been so saddened by the sudden knowledge of your history that it has blunted your emotions in other directions.

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