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By M. R. James

Selection of tales via Montague Rhodes James, a famous medieval student and provost of King's collage, Cambridge and of Eton university. he's top remembered this present day for his ghost tales within the vintage Victorian yule vein.

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He had made good progress through about two hundred of the five hundred lots—every now and then rising to take a volume from the shelf and give it a cursory glance—when a hand was laid on his shoulder, and he 22 A Thin Ghost and Others looked up. His interrupter was one of those intelligent men with a pointed beard and a flannel shirt, of whom the last quarter of the nineteenth century was, it seems to me, very prolific. It is no part of my plan to repeat the whole conversation which ensued between the two.

It may be a disappointment to you to learn that Rendcomb Manor was new; that I cannot help. There had, no doubt, been an old house; but it was not remarkable for beauty or interest. Even had it been, neither beauty nor interest would have enabled it to resist the disastrous fire which about a couple of years before the date of my story had razed it to the ground. I am glad to say that all that was most valuable in it had been saved, and that it was fully insured. So that it was with a comparatively light heart that Mr.

I think you’re rather hard on Mr. Poynter. ” “Was I, my dear? I beg his pardon, but you know I cannot abide those horrid creatures. Let me see if I’ve done any mischief. ” “No, I think all’s well: but 25 A Thin Ghost and Others look here what you’ve opened him on. ” “Dear me, yes, to be sure! how very interesting. Do unpin it, James, and let me look at it. ” It was a piece of patterned stuff about the size of the quarto page, to which it was fastened by an old-fashioned pin. James detached it and handed it to his aunt, carefully replacing the pin in the paper.

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