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Gr. ) f. -Ex. zo,zz pronominal reference m. , sn f. Abraham. (Gr. ) m. : Neo. I" zO, Fr. I", var. 2' pr inf. IRB,var. * I* (zO),Ps. (I0) z0 7 ~ 9 ~ 5 . Adam. risamti (Gr. -Gn. 3,23 kl, g x q q f ~ Ps. : Ex. 20,21 n xn9p7p3. (cg. 78) ear Am. 3,1z, R U71K. (Gr. 160) threshing-floor Dt. 16,13. Aaron. (Gr. 241) or. firebrand, kindling wood Am. 4,II. 52 GLOSSARY (< G) air Gn. , Ps. beginning Is. ~. (Gr. ) deed of violence Am. 4,s interpreted in g as a segolate o ~ h cf. : also K. (Gr. 155) m. treasury, storehouse Am.

Over, on, md'al a. from (a position over) Gn. 4,14, Dt. 6 ~ 5ba'a. , against Is. 2,4. possible to (la- w. ) Gn. 4,14. (Gr. 196) f. finger Is. 2,8, fg I, syll. w. segol. (Gr. 125) four Gn. 2,1o. (Gr. 127) fourty Ex. 24,18, Dt. IO,IO. s. "8. (< H) coffin, box. 56 GLOSSARY (Gr. ) 1g6f. pl. ) way, road (also figuratively). Pr ba- in the manner of, as in Am. 4,Io. a'rd (Gr. ), 2) because, 3) when. Var. B ~ Y NAm. 4,13fs, same form throughout TP, pointed in Fr. var. g, Gza. g. Translation of H '3. m.

To be taught, to learn Is. 2,4 w. a', z a. (Gr. 128) thousand cstr. pl. Ex. 6, gns S . med. (Gr. 79) instruction, study. , s. '1'. (Gr. -Dt. 11,27 : Neo. '7 cf. M. abbreviation for a'lsn? NYlN Am. 4,13 K. immd (Gr. -Gn. 3,20 d. : Neo. 7 pan8 (Gr. 188). Amoz. (Gr. 157) thick darkness, gloom Ex. 2 0 ~ 8 . (Gr. ) a/a to say, to speak. Ithpe. passive Is. -Gn. 1,zz inf. mZmar, historical spelling 3,17 k. 2 pf. 3. f. sg. Zma*rad (Gr. ). Am. 3,11f. pf. rendering a H pf. of coincidence, in fg pointed as ptc.

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