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." many of the Russians have been nervous to profit"

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94. 1. IIO. Cited in Startsev, op. , 136. See also Sb. I. R. I. O. t. x (1872), 209. 2 Startsev, op. , lII-II2. , II 3. l The tutor, August Witzmann, apparently writing under Bokum's urging, was hardly less lenient. He wrote Belosel'skii of the students' truancy, but said nothing of their disrespect for authority otherwise. " 2 Panin forwarded to Catherine all the materials sent by Belosel'skii. She wrote in reply on May I9/30 that "nothing so astonishes me," as the behavior of the students. But she realized that the facts were hard to establish, and she wished no decisive action until Belosel'skii had investigated further.

D. , f. 17, d. 62,1. 174. Letter of 25 January, 1771. Cited in Startesev. op. , 81-82. 3 Ibid. 1. 145 Olsuf'ev's letter to Bokum, 21 December, 1770; and 1. 163, Olsuf'ev's letter to Belosel'skii, 25 January, 1771. 4 Extracts from this report, taken from the Ts. G. A. D. , f. 17, d. 62, 11. 461-477 are given in Barskov's "A. N. Radishchev. Zhizn' i lichnost,' " M aterialy k izucheniiu .. Puteshestvija" . , 1935), 76-7. See also Startsev, op. , 86-8. LEIPZIG UNIVERSITY I 29 all that he saw of the students' living conditions, including "their rooms, beds, linen, clothes, shoes, food ...

3 The three students had been away almost five years, and many changes had been taking place. The students occasionally had had news of these changes from Russian visitors, especially after 1768, when Russia was at war with the Sublime Porte. These visitors included Count Theodore Orlov, who interested the students in Helvetius, his brother, Count Aleksei Orlov, who originally suggested sending the students to Leipzig, Fonvizin's brother, members of Catherine's Society for the Translation of Foreign Books, members of the Legislative Commission and diplomats passing through Leipzig, giving the students news.

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