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23 . State capitalism and fascism are the new social order which will spread over the whole earth, and this social order will exist for centuries. No power in creation can stop this social transformation . In fighting against state capitalism and fascism, men are fighting against history ; and he who fights against history is destroyed by history . State capitalism can be fought only with state capitalism, and fascism can be fought only with fascism . The democratic countries, in fighting against state capitalism and fascism, will be compelled to become fascistic and establish state capitalism .

20 . Marx said : No social order ever disappears before all the productive forces, for which there is room in it, have been fully developed ; and new higher relations of production never appear before the material conditions of their existence have matured in the womb of old society . Marx utters here a profound truth, and we must endeavor to understand it . By the productive forces, Marx means the working class and the means of production ; by the relations of production, Marx means the property relations.

Suppose you and I were bitter enemies of each other ; suppose that openly and honestly I endeavored to reconcile myself with you ; at first, you would say that I was a hypocrite and you would suspect that I was schem- 50 ing to do you harm . But if I honestly and openly endeavored to reconcile myself with you, you would be compelled to change your attitude towards me . Perhaps you would never like me, but you would not continue to hate me ; your hatred would lose the reason for its existence, and it would wear off .

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