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And though she likes to imagine that she can spend “quality time” with them, which makes everything all right, and that she is a great example of a working woman to the girls in her brood, the truth is that she is neglecting them, and they (both male and female children) know it. Adults can be fooled on these issues, but children see the truth of a distant mother, who is too tired and busy to really care for and give attention to them. g. cutting herself with a knife) either occasionally or regularly?

An Itzhak Perlman or Nigel Kennedy can rattle off millions of notes on a piece of wood with strings attached, that thrills millions of people and even persuades them to part with substantial amounts of their hard-earned cash to witness or hear, either in person or as a recording on a shiny plastic disk. The same is true of feted actors, artists and sporting stars. Why is it we are devoted to and respecting of them, and not to our local heroes whom we know in real life, to our local artist or actor musician, or our local sports team?

Has the baby no rights in this situation? Do we think this utterly helpless and dependent infant wants to be placed into the hand of a typical hairy, rough, clumsy and angular, breastless adult male with his gruff and aggressive adult male voice, or do we think rather that he or she would prefer the warm, rounded form of a female to cuddle up to, with her gentle and sensitive movements, her bright loving eyes, her soothing melodic voice, her lovely soft nourishing breasts, and her gentle and dexterous hands?

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