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As soon as a amazing state reigned, yet now all is chaos. within the giant reaches of the desolate tract, a tender heretic escapes definite demise and embarks on a venture of insanity and glory. he's El Murid - the Disciple - who vows to carry order, prosperity, and righteousness to the barren region humans of Hammad al Nakir. After 4 lengthy centuries, El Murid is the savior who's destined to construct a brand new empire from the blood his enemies. yet all isn't really because it turns out, and the sinister forces pulling the strings of empire come into the sunshine. Who and what lies at the back of El Murid's imaginative and prescient of a desolate tract empire?

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Royalist partisans roared. Weapons materialized. "It's going to get ugly. You little fool. " Radetic yanked Haroun off the ground and threw him over his shoulder, then hurried toward his employer's tent. During Disharhun everyone, whether making the pilgrimage to Al Rhemish or not, lived the week in tents. Fuad met them in the street. He had heard a swift-winged rumor of murder. He was angry. A huge man with a savage reputation, Fuad in a rage was a ferocious spectacle. He had his war blade in hand.

He disappointed them. "No," he said. "It's not yet time for the Kingdom of Peace to challenge the unrighteous controlling temporal powers, corrupt as they may be. Endure. " Mustaf reddened. " El Murid turned. He faced the chieftain of the el Habib. He clasped his hands before him, right over left. The jewel in his amulet blazed at Mustaf. He met the chieftain's gaze without flinching or speaking. Mustaf yielded first, his eyes going to the amulet. He swallowed and started toward the village. El Murid followed at a slower pace.

The boy's path led him not to Al Ghabha but to the site where the imam, Ridyah, had found him. He did not at first know what drew him thither. Then he thought that he was looking for something. He had left something there, something that he had forgotten. Something that he had hidden in his last moment of rationality. Something that had been given him by his angel. Visions of an amulet came in snatches. A potent wrist amulet bearing a living stone. It would be, his angel had told him, the proof he needed to convince unbelievers.

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