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By Laurell K. Hamilton

“I am Princess Meredith, inheritor to a throne—if i will remain alive lengthy sufficient to assert it.” After eluding relentless assassination makes an attempt by means of Prince Cel, her cousin and rival for the Faerie crown, Meredith Gentry, la inner most eye, has a complete new set of difficulties. To turn into queen, she needs to endure a baby ahead of Cel can father one in every of his personal. yet havoc lies at the horizon: everyone is loss of life in mysterious, scary methods, and without warning the very lifestyles of where referred to as Faerie is at grave hazard. So now, whereas she enjoys the best pleasures of her existence trying to conceive a toddler with the soldiers of her royal shield, she needs to fend off an old evil which can spoil the very textile of fact. And that’s simply her day activity. . . .From the Paperback version.

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Hamilton: Meredith Gentry 02 A Caress of Twilight I licked, slowly, carefully, over the slick skin. His breath came in short, sharp gasps. The fists at his side were shaking, but not with anger. I ran tongue and lips over the scar until his knees buckled, and it was Kitto who caught him around the waist. The small man held him as if he weighed nothing. I kissed Rhys on the mouth, and he kissed me back like he was drowning and would find the breath of life in my mouth. We ended on our knees on the floor with Doyle standing above us, and Kitto still wound around Rhys\'s waist.

At least someone was enjoying themselves. � Chapter 8 Maeve Reed\'s living room was larger than my entire apartment. Off-white carpet stretched like a vanilla sea down the steps to the sunken living room and a fireplace big enough to roast small elephants. The mantel alone took up most of one white stuccoed wall, with red and tan bricks punctuating the rough whiteness of the wall. A white sectional sofa big enough to seat twenty curved in front of the fireplace. Tan, gold, and white pillows were thrown around artfully.

Frost was clearly not happy about the seating arrangements, but I doubted that anyone but one of us noticed. The slight stiffness to his shoulders spoke volumes if you knew what book you were reading. I\'d spent a lot of time learning to read this book. Doyle knew all his men\'s moods like any good leader. Kitto might have been oblivious, but it was hard to know what the little goblin noticed and what he didn\'t. Julian stayed pressed to my side, a lot closer to me than Doyle was sitting, though he moved his hand to let Doyle\'s shoulder touch mine.

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