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By Carl Wickland

Vintage booklet on Spiritism, psychic examine, after-death.

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I think there must be something the matter with me. Dr. You have been in outer darkness for some time. Sp. I have been walking and walking, and I got with that lady over there. (Mrs. ) I wanted to go. I kicked and she kicked, and we had regular kickings. Oh, look there! See! My Mother! Oh, Mother! Can you forgive me? I was not as you wanted me to be. Mother, will you take me? I am so tired; I need your care and help. Will you take me? Oh, my Mother! Dr. What does she say? Sp. She calls me. She says: “Yes, Frank, you will come with me.

In what state? Sp. Texas. That's a big state. Dr. Did you roam around a good deal? 31 Sp. Yes, quite a little. I was in Galveston, Dallas, San Antonio, and many other places. I traveled everywhere I wanted to go. I went to Houston and other cities. Dr. You are a spirit and have been allowed to control my wife's body for a short time. We do not see you. Sp. Say, just look at those devils there, limping around like a bunch of little imps. ) They are all around that woman. (Mrs. ) Dr. You take them all with you when you leave.

__________ During another circle “Frank,” one of the spirits interfering with Mrs. Burton, left her, and controlled the intermediary, exhibiting little trace of memory in any form. Spirit: FRANK Patient: MRS. BURTON Dr. Where did you come from? Sp. I don't know. Dr. Do you know any one here? Sp. I don't see anybody I know. Dr. Don't you know where you came from? Sp. I don't know myself. How can I answer questions when I don't know? Dr. How long have you been dead? Sp. Dead! The idea! Say, what's the matter with me?

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