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By Jason Augustus Newcomb

For the 1st time considering its preliminary translation into English on the flip of the century, Jason Newcomb has reinterpreted the sacred magic of Abramelin the Mage right into a thoroughly proper software for modern seekers. within the thirty-one chapters of twenty first Century Mage, Newcomb has reinvented the information and dialog of Your Holy parent Angel ritual. He lays out a process perform and prayer -- and introduces an entire new new release to the Crowleyan esthetic. considered the best and foremost rationalization of mystery Western doctrine, The ebook of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, a fifteenth century textual content, laid the root for the 19th century occult team, the airtight Order of the Golden sunrise, and set younger Aleister Crowley on his religious quest. this can be the ebook that served because the cornerstone of Crowley's lifelong perform.

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These are the spirits that are higher up on the spiritual scale, the gods and angels. The way that we do this is by invoking them, filling our hearts and minds with the qualities of these higher beings until we obtain their identities. Instead of offering something that we mayor may not need 21sT C E N T UR Y MAGE CEREMONIAL M A G IC K 1 1 r" in the future-an animal or our soul-we actually offer ourselves up into the ecstasy of union with this celestial being, that it might deign to become one with us.

Now, even though the circle has been emptied of all but the essentials, and the names of God have been written around it, there may be some spirits (those who can't read, for instance) still floating around in the circle.

Communion need not be restricted to food. You could have communions with sunlight or moonlight. You can turn sexuality into a communion. Nothing should be forbidden from your repertoire. To the pure, all things are pure. of the four elements (see chapter 5 for more about the four elements). However, as you draw whatever symbol you choose on whatever you are consecrating, you must dedicate it aloud and in your heart and mind to the purpose for which you intend it. " Any object that is a part of your operation should be consecrated in a similar manner, and once it is consecrated, you should never use it for anything else.

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